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  • Why choose between thick and heavy, light and thin, protective and stiff?
  • Because you get all the benefits you want in a superior design, the best of all three worlds!
  • To give you the perfect combination of quality, comfort and security, we've combined the best of all three worlds.


Suitable for Cell Phones

  • You don't even have to take them off - sensitive to touch fingerprints. Enjoy the freedom of flexibility!

Comfortable Protection

  • Strongly covered non-slip palm.
  • Strong high-density impact shield.
  • Strong rubber layer on fingers.
  • All this without compromising comfort.

Sturdy, Durable Material

  • Durable material - wraps tightly around your hands: gives you an extra layer of durable protection, ready for any adventure.
  • To your satisfaction, these gloves are lightweight, protective and long-lasting, and they breathe and fit your hands perfectly.

Regulates the Temperature of Your Hands

  • The long cuffs will keep your wrists warm and protected, while the reliable fasteners will improve security, comfort and fit.
  • The cashmere inside is wrapped tightly to perfectly regulate your hand temperature.
  • This makes them perfect for the fall and spring seasons too!

Protective and Waterproof

  • These gloves have a solid protective frame - providing knuckle, palm and wrist protection without sacrificing weight, stiffness or bulk.
  • Completely waterproof to keep your hands dry when it snows, rains or snows.
  • Rugged leather and soft "non-slip" palm padding cover the breathable, lightweight nylon material.

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